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Speed up your PC

Speed up your Laptop or PC with CCleaner

One of the best methods that I have used to speed up my PC or laptop is a free program called CCleaner

I run the program about once per month or when I feel things are slowing up. I only perform the first two tasks. I press the cleaner button which deletes all the tempory files that are clogging up the system. Then I run the registery part that checks for files no longer in use by the registery.

These two create more disk space and speed the computer up.

When ever I purchase a new PC or laptop I always install CCleaner on the first day. This is in preperation to keep everything running fast and smoothly. I really can’t recommend this software enough. I have recommended this to many people all of whom have been very pleased with the results.

There are three options Free, Professional and Professional Plus. Which ever one you choose it will speed things up.