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The Spreadsheet

VisiCalc Spreadsheet

 The spreadsheet started life way before computers were invented. Records were made using paper and pencil and were commonly called a ledger.

A spreadsheet contains rows and columns of numbers and text. A ledger is a book containing accounts in spreadsheet format showing debits and credits from the original entry.

A spreadsheet is the electronic version of the paper spreadsheet used by the accountant.

The electronic spreadsheet consists of pages known as worksheets. The file containing all the worksheets is called a workbook.

Brief History of the Spreadsheet

1961 – Richard Mattessich developed a concept for business accounting.

1978 – Dan Bricklin – Prottype for VisiCalc

1979 – VisiCalc released to the public.

1980 – SuperCalc released – first spreadsheet to allow data to be shared and imported to other programs.

1982 – Multiplan released (to become Excel)

1983 – Lotus Development Corporation – Lotus 1-2-3 (named as it handled three tasks: spreadsheets, graphs and databases).

1985 – Excel released for the Mac (could also handle three tasks)

1987 – Excel released for Windows PCs

1987 – Quattro Pro released (runs in a graphical environment)

1988 – Excel outselling Lotus 1-2-3