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Excel level 3 – Advanced


  • Creating, Maintaining, Filtering and using Subtotals in a List
  • Recording, Assigning and Using Macros
  • Creating and Using User Defined Functions
  • Performing “What If” Analyses
  • Working with Scenarios
  • Querying a Database
  • Importing Files and Data

1: Who is the Course for?

This course is designed for users who have a good knowledge and understanding of spreadsheets and wish to use more advanced features of the programme.

2: The Course

Courses delivered by InIT Learning are tutor led. The tutor will use demonstration and discussion along with hands-on practical tasks and assignments to ensure each user has gained an understanding of each topic. Questions are encouraged throughout the session. During each task and assignment the tutor will give one to one support as required.

3: Certificates

Each delegate will receive a manual and a certificate of attendance

4: Course Content

Naming Cells & Ranges
V & H Lookup
Index & Match
Logic – AND OR NOT
Excel Forms
Scenario Manager
Goal Seek
Installing Solver
Data Validation
Grouping & Outlining
Index & Match
Pivot Tables
Pivot Charts
Excel Macros
Macro Security
Saving a Macro Workbook
Recording & Running a Macro
Relative Cell References (Macros)
Viewing & Editing a Macro
Assigning Macros
Global Macros
Object to run Macros


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