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Screen Recording with PowerPoint

Screen Recording

This video shows you how to use PowerPoint to record your screen. This is great if you need to demonstrate something on your screen or produce a training slide with video.

Scheduled Courses at Ours – See the Dates

If you prefer your staff to join our scheduled courses at Harben House Business Centre/Hotel in Newport Pagnell (Milton Keynes) then click below for the dates.

Click below for One Day Scheduled Courses in Milton Keynes Only £129.00 per delegate
(Harben House Business Centre, Newport Pagnell)


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Simple Pricing Structureslidecbc63a156cc04de8813a463a020004cc1Courses @ Yours
£640.00 per course of 3-8
£428.00 per course of 2
£258.00 One to One
(Plus Travel @ 45p/mile)

Scheduled Courses
@ Ours
£129.00 per delegate

1 to 1 Courses
@ Ours
£258.00 per delegate

InIT Learning
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