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How to add Data Bars with Conditional Formatting

Conditional Format and Minimum Function to Find Best Quote

This video show one way to identify the best price from a range of products and a range of suppliers using conditional formatting and the Minimum Function

Find Formula issues with the Evaluate Formula Tool - How to use the tool

This video shows you how to use the Evaluate Formula Tool in Microsoft Excel. This is a great tool if you have created a formula and it's not quite working properly or you have inherited a spreadsheet and you want to see what is happening with a rather complex formula.

Change Prices or Values on Spreadsheet without using Formulas

If you have an Excel spreadsheet with lots of values and you want to change them all very quickly then watch this video. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide all the values in one go.

Remove Page Break Lines in Excel

This video explains how to remove those really annoying page break lines on an Excel worksheet using one line of VBA code. Any level of user can do this.

Download the Code here>>>


F12 - Save AsF12 Key - Save As

The F12 key is a great way to select the Save As dialog box.

Ctrl + S is the shortcut for Save.

Pressing the F12 function key gets you to the Save As dialog much faster than clicking the File ribbon tab for the backstage view and then clicking Save As.

VLOOKUP - Approximate Match

This video shows how to use an approximate match Vlookup to find year groups of pupils based on their date of birth.

Excel Shortcut - Ctrl + Enter

How to keep the active cell in position after an entry and how to replicate data across a range.

This video explains how to copy or fill a range of data or headings on one worksheet across to all or a range of selected worksheets in Excel. To learn more about Excel contact InIT Learning and Get on Course for Success. In-house (@ yours) and scheduled open courses available.

How to Customise the Background and Title Bar in Microsoft Office

The customise feature in the Microsoft Office feature has no real practical use other than to be more pleasing to your own eyes. The video shows you how to change background and title bar colours in Office 2010 and Office 2016.

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