Customer Feedback
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Customer Feedback

You made excel fun!

“I took part in David’s open excel training course for our company, Level 1 and Level 2. He was very well prepared, on time, extremely patient and very skilled. Thanks to him, I finally understand how to use excel in everyday life. Also, he explained everything in a practical way - we trained all the formulas right at the training. This was with no exaggeration the best course I took. I’d recommend David to everyone in need of an excellent, practical and pleasant teacher.”

Sona - 13th January 2021 - Excel Level 1 and 2 - Online Live Training Sessions

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for all our training. So far the feedback is outstanding! Everyone is saying how amazingly helpful this is.

For that reason, I have a few more people interested in additional training. Is it still possible to sign us up?

Kristina - 12th January 2021 - 34 delegates - Excel Courses Level 1, 2 and 3 - Online Live Training Sessions

It was really great

“It was really great.  I love Excel anyway, now I love it even more and what I have learned today will really help me with a lot of my work and save me so much time.  David was good, patient, explained each task really well and I hope we get an opportunity to do more with him on Excel.”

“I have to say, I have attended maybe 6 sessions from beginners to Experienced on Excel training through my career and this was by far the best training I have ever been on, he is so knowledgeable and understandable.”

“I thought it was really good.  I think everyone will agree that we have learnt a lot that will really make a difference to our jobs

Delegates  - 13th November 2020 - Excel Intermediate - Online Live Training Sessions

Thank you so much

Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed today, and I am sure the other ladies did too and I have shared their certificates and asked for feedback.

I think we will most certainly be utilizing you again as we have lots of skills gaps.

Zoom is fantastic for most people now which I think helps in feeling relaxed when learning at home with the direct support of a professional!

Amanda - 13th November 2020 - Excel Intermediate - Online Live Training Sessions

You’re a Natural

It’s been so good to have you as our teacher. You’re a natural. Thank you for all the useful tips and everything you taught us.

Hopefully, after all the feedback, Jason will book you again in the future.

Until next time stay well and safe.

Thanking you

Maria - 1st October 2020 - Excel Introduction & Intermediate - Online Live Training Sessions

Really Helpful

It was really helpful and enjoyable, thank you so much.

Take care

Katie - 1st October 2020 - Excel Introduction & Intermediate - Online Live Training Sessions

Your Training is Mind-Blowing

Thank you ever so much!

Your training is mind-blowing, you truly are amazing. I envy you, for the way you can remember all those formulas, plus you're so patient and calm, an amazing teacher.

Thank you very very much! I will definitely recommend you and practice everything I've learnt from you 😊.

Take care and all the best!

Adla - 1st October 2020 - Excel Introduction & Intermediate - Online Live Training Sessions

The Best Excel Training I have ever attended

Thank you very much for the best Excel training I have ever attended. You are an excellent tutor and your knowledge on a topic is just applaudable.

Thank you for my certificates.

I have made sure your services were complimented enough within all levels in my company and hope they will book more sessions.

All the best to you and thank you!

Kind regards

Daria - 1st October 2020 - Excel Introduction & Intermediate - Online Live Training Sessions

Looking Forward to More

Just a few hours of experimenting with the power of Pivot Tables has highlighted massive potential benefits in analysing and reporting on Test Results exports from our database. And although I have written plenty of VBA for Excel in my time and Excel Add-ins in C#, getting a handle on some of the key tools within the standard Excel package has been very much welcomed and appreciated.

I’m looking forward to exploring remote data links between Excel and our database to extend this capability.

Anonymous - 25th March 2019 - Excel  Advanced


Of all the attempts at advanced Excel from web forums, web guides and even at times books themselves I don’t think I have got as much out of it as I have the recent (Level 2 and Level 3) training that the company has arranged.

Anonymous - 25th March 2019 - Excel Intermediate & Advanced


Thanks again for a great training day.  I won’t hesitate to refer anyone interested in such training to you – and hopefully, I will get a chance to come back for another course myself.

Hamah - 11th March 2019 - Excel Introduction Course

Thanks Very Much

I really appreciated your teaching style yesterday and got a lot out of the workshop.

Catherine - 11th March 2019 - Excel Introduction Course

Good morning 

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate last night, I am so excited to bring my new knowledge into my workplace.
 I hope to complete further courses with you in 2019
Once again, thank you for your teaching and your patience
Kind regards
Tracey – 12th December 2018 – Excel Advanced Course


Looking forward to jazzing up my data analysis with my new Advanced Excel skills!

Thanks, InIT Learning for a great & informative day.

Ellie - 28th September 2018 - Excel Advanced Course

Good Morning. Great to see you yesterday, thank you for arranging my Excel course yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned much valuable information.

Melissa – 16th May 2018 – Excel Intermediate Course

David made everything seem so simple.
I was lucky enough to have a one to one with him and I would definitely recommend this training course.

Tracey K - 17th April 2018

Another Amazing Day -Excel Advanced.

Sylwia – 30th October 2017 (Comment on Linkedin) – Excel Advanced Course

Amazing Excel Training with InIT Learning -can’t wait for level 3.

Sylwia – 11th October 2017 (Comment on Linkedin) – Excel Advanced Course

Help to streamline my own working processes, save time, improve my own consultancy skills offering with clients. and give me an edge over my kids ! Great delivery

Nigel – 19th April 2017 – Excel Intermediate Course

Excel is a program used throughout my work with supply and demand so I have found this course very helpful and learnt loads to take back to work and use. Learning about Marco’s, I found this fascinating as I never understood what they were and the level of detail required to make programs work. Will be using this back at work that’s for sure. Would defo recommend this course to anyone who requires the use of Excel.

Craig – 5th April 2017 – Excel Advanced Course

David was very knowledgeable and was a great tutor

Anonymous Feedback Form – 7th November 2016

All the feedback was very positive and everybody enjoyed the day.

Many thanks

Julie – November 2016

Please find attached the feedback from yesterday’s sessions.

The main feedback includes:

Good session content and pace delivered by David.
Learning was refreshing using different methods.
David explained the sessions well.
David provided a clear view of what functions and shortcuts can be used efficiently.
The delivery and content was engaging and encouraging.
Really good session, thank you.
Alex – August 2016

Morning David

Thank you for sending me the below email, I had better get arranging an intermediate level!

I have just spoken to a couple of the delegates that attended (Lana, Jason and Claire)and they had very positive feedback. They found the course enjoyable and very useful, so thank you for that.

I will be in contact soon.

Best regards

Sharon – May 2015

Hello David

Just to wish you a happy Xmas and to let you know that I have ended up with a job that I really enjoy. Basically thanks to your course in Leicester earlier this year.

Julie – December 2014

I found it fascinating and brilliant. I am glad you put me through the course and feel it will be of great benefit to my works on site.

From a delegate to their Personnel Department – November 2014

The feedback was exceptionally good, I’ve asked admin to pull the forms back out of personnel files so that I can scan them and send them to you.

We’d be interested in booking at least one intermediate course, could you let me know your availability in November, if you have any?

Many thanks,

Jennifer – October 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my ICT exam. I am so very grateful for the support you gave me I honestly couldn’t have done without your help. Andrea

I just wanted to thank you for an enjoyable course. You are an excellent tutor and if on my travels I meet anyone who needs any IT training then I will recommend you! Every best wishes for the future. Gary

David provides all my IT support at Work. He is extremely helpful with vast knowledge within IT and can always find a solution to my problem / query quickly and efficiently. David is very approachable practical and patient with a good sense of humour to accommodate a Computard like me!

David is an excellent ambassador for the company and a most effective manager. I have been able to rely on David for support and guidance with the training and the IT systems for the Software Training; he is always most helpful, thoroughly professional and customer-focused

David has taken exceptional steps to improve the learning opportunities for his learners and enable them to be successful

David’s attention to detail in his planning and in the provision of learning resources takes into account the needs of individuals and the subject standards

His approach to learners is supportive, reassuring and confidence building

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